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Hi Guys!
I have an amazing hairdressing life. It looks amazing and is amazing. I was asked today what it was like being a mentor or Educator "so to speak". Educator is really someone who teaches, give and encourages information to be used in the best way with correct form. You obey the colour rules and break them with a very good understanding of why.
You encourage others to step up, to take their place in our Industry. There is no "I" in team or never comes a day where we know everything. Not even at any stage is there a time we know more than others being a Educator, you might just be sticking to guidlines for a Brand you are being an Ambassador for and following protocol to keep a consistency.

Is it hard I was asked: YESSSS ITS BLOODY HARD
You do many many many unpaid hours to guide others the right way.You also have to keep consistency when a Brand is in your hands, you share information with others and have to be alert at all times for questioning and give the correct answers.

What is humbling is learning from others everyday. Everyday in our jobs there is more technology that still blows my mind continuously. I am a Hair Geek and I find hair science - wonderful.

I ask students to google the back of bottles and look up why ingredients do what they do. Its science and makes you understand hair.
Enjoy your hairdressing life,

From one of the biggest hairdressing fans..... Sandy xx